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Getting Finances on Track

Millennials - also called Generation Y or the Echo Boom, is a large cohort, loosely defined as those who were born 1980-1995 

Many millennials have turned to short-term contracts  or self-employment to make a living while you follow your passion.  Your Financial Plans needs to accommodate an income that fluctuates, and be arranged to help you achieve your personal goals.  From the comfort of your couch, this page brings you banking, insurance, investment and other financial planning tools that are just right for you.  Building long-term wealth is simpler than you may think. Investing in mutual funds and working with an advisor can help you reach your financial goals.  If you are looking to save time, multi-task, and research on-line before you buy, you've come to the right place!

If you're thinking of getting a car loan or a mortgage, or you just want to improve how you manage your money, click here for resources on cash flow and banking.

If you're planning an adventure, you'll want to pack travel insurance.  If you have no employeer sponsored health and dental coverage, you may want to get some for yourself.  If you have a mortgage, debt or dependents, you may want some inexpensive life insurance.  Click here to find out about risk management, get quotes, or apply on-line.


Do Millennials worry about Retirement?

Many Millennials have not put a focus on saving for retirement:  It could be because of part-time or short-term work, paying down debt, spending income on current passions and initiatives, or buying a house.  Maybe their work is satisfying and they believe they will never want to retire. 

Let's make a Plan

Your finances can't manage themselves. But that doesn't mean they won't try. Bring all your finances together with the help of a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® (CFP).  My CFP designation shows you I have met the experience, ethics, and continuing education requirements set out by FP Canada.  FP Canada is working to help you build your money confidence.  Check out the FP Canada video here.

First-Time Home Buyer?

If you are a first time home-buyer, you may want to see this video explaining mortgages:  understand lingo about terms, amortization, variable vs. fixed rate, and more in a short, clear video.



Take control of your Mortgage

Whether you’re looking to purchase a home, refinance your mortgage, pay off your mortgage faster, finance a new car, or minimize your payments, a Manulife Banking Consultant can help you take control of your debt and retire your mortgage faster.  Find out more with this video, and then contact me to refer a Manulife Banking Consultant to you to see how you might take control of your mortgage. 

Use the Power of a Budget

A budget can reduce your stress and allow you to avoid debt and stay on track to achieving your goals.  A budget can help you be prepared for unexpected expenses and save for your future.  The Financial  Consumer Agency of Canada has prepared this interactive budget tool.  There are many apps that you can choose from to track and categorize your expenses.  The first step in managing your money is knowing where it is going. 

Travel Health Insurance 

Whether it's crossing the US border for the snowboarding or the nightlife, or crossing the ocean for thrills and adventure, we can help.  If you are a Canadian going out of country or out of province, you'd better back some travel health insurance. 

Click here for information, quotes, or to apply on-line for travel health coverage!

Health and Dental coverage when you need it

Many employers do not provide health and dental coverage - especially if it is part-time, short-term, or self-employed work.  While Canada has tremendous healthcare, it does not cover things like dental, vision, prescriptions, and other benefits.  Having your own coverage now can give you the peace of mind to cope with unexpected health expenses later.  

Quick Issue Term Life insurance for people on the go

Let’s face it – life moves fast. So should your insurance. Manulife Quick Issue Term™ is designed to keep up with your busy life and can help get you covered – fast. 

If you’re between 18 and 50, getting the coverage you need, up to $500,000, is simple with Manulife Quick Issue Term because it’s:

  • Easy – complete the electronic application with us in minutes - in person or over the phone
  • Quick – expect a response in as little as one business day, in most cases
  • Convenient – enjoy less intrusive underwriting – no needles or fluids and fewer medical questions

And, with the option to change to permanent insurance, you’ll secure your option to have permanent protection for life. 

For more information on Quick Issue Term Insurance, please contact us.